Quality Control

Nthstar Quality Control

NthStar Pty Ltd not only prides itself on the final product, but also the services we provide at each stage of the repair process. Ensuring the customer and client are satisfied and confident throughout the process, while maintaining a high level of workmanship, is our utmost priority. We ensure our sub-contractors are aware of our high values and expectations and maintain a level of workmanship and customer service that will exceed expectations.

Some of our methods for ensuring total satisfaction for both the customer and client include, but are not limited to:


  • Report writing guidelines
  • Estimation/Supervisor training
  • Sub-Contractor Score cards
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer/Client Feedback forms

Final inspections (following completion of the work)

NthStar Pty Ltd recognises that the key to an efficient repair process is to keep our customer regularly informed of progress and developments. At NthStar Pty Ltd, we are not only committed to the standards set by the Code of Practice, but aspire to ensure our customers are updated every 5 days at the minimum. In order to achieve this, NthStar Pty Ltd regards customer service as the corner stone of the business. To reaffirm this, in the beginning of 2012, NthStar implemented a feedback form to be completed upon completion of the repairs. The feedback has consistently assisted us in gaining insight to our customer service and all things involved with it.

NthStar Pty Ltd has built an in-house database program that will help ensure our Quality Control Guidelines are met, as well as both the Customer and Client expectations are exceeded.